PhD program of the doctoral school in anthropology

First Year

A methodological follow-up workshop is held at the level of each University. During those workshops, thematic sessions must be scheduled, according to the field of interest, in which the PhD students present his or her current finding. The D-day, the S.O.P should be presented in addition to the conducted work. Those methodological workshops are programed every three months under the guidance of National and International Professors.

2nd, 3rd and 4th year

The PhD student may follow the workshops and may also intervene on particular themes, or books, under the choice of his supervisor.

As mentioned above, those workshops are for the object of guidance and support for the PhD students. They take place in each university and In the CRASC, each Student is supposed to present his finding twice a year in front of a jury including his or her supervisor. The last year of the Doctoral Training is concentrated to the writing proses.

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