Centre of Scientific Information and Documentation – CISD

The purpose of The Centre of Scientific Information and Documentation (CISD) is to identify, collect, conserve, make available and develop documentary resources.

The CISD serves researchers, teachers and post-graduate students in the social and human sciences disciplines.

It operates on the principle of open access for CRASC publications, journals, dictionaries, newspapers, institutions’ newsletters, etc. Users can refer to a computerized database “Maktaba” (Search by title, by author, by keywords…). The new and more powerful software PMB is being installed.

The CISD has two reading rooms on two levels with two research stations located on the first level:


Level 1: workspace with 12 tables




Level 2: Workspace with 13 tables





CISD staff is at the disposal of the reader, it ensures the mission of information, documentation and assistance in the use and consultation of the catalog and databases.

The librarian can also carry out a bibliographic research, a documentary watch.

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