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The shopping centers of the new town Ali Mendjeli (Constantine), spaces and practices

From 01/01/2018

To    31/12/2020

Project supervisor : REHAIL Tayeb


Team members :


ABBES Feriel

Boulhouchat Nadjah


- In this research project, we have chosen to focus on shopping centers (mall) recently established in the territory of the new city Ali Merndjeli (Constantine). This new model of business institutions that is spreading across the country certainly comes from models that have already been built and tested eslsewhere in the world[1].

 But is also received as the continuity of the bazaar model that was beginning to develop in the commercial space of the old town of Constantine[2].

Today, these commercial infrastructures attract a very heterogeneous population whose affluence is not limited to those coming from the city of Constantine but also concerns a very wide perimeter of attraction, visible especially on weekend days through the licence plates of cars that circulate in the main arteries of this new city.

The main assets of these shopping centers (mall) are expressed mainly through their futuristic aspects, their luxurious spaces and their stores and commercial spaces welcoming customers through wide showcase well lit.

These shopping centers (mall) also use various advertising ways to make their visilibity (billboard, social media: Facebook) in order to enhance this new commercial space, which they try to make appear as modern and competitive space in order to attract a diversified customers.

It is necessary to know that those centers are not only places of commercial exchange but also places of cultural exchange (with the organization of commemorations, anniversaries, raffles, exhibitions…).

This is why we must consider shopping centers (mall) much further than their simple institutional structures specialized in the sale of profits and services, thanks to the efforts undertaken by their owners in order to try to instill in their aspects of institutions of socialization.

In these new modern spaces of “urban consumption”, we propose to focus on these commercial spaces as well as on the practices of different categories of actors including:

  • The owners of these shopping centers (mall).
  • Merchant operating at the shopping center (mall)
  • The customers( or flutterers) who frequent these spaces
  • Employees and vendors

From the outset, we consider this shopping center (mall) as a microsome of society, representative of what is really happening on a broader scale at the modern Algerian consumer society. We will try to analyze the social behaviors of the society that frequent these shopping centers (mall), the strategies that deploy the different actors each within its perimeter of action and obviously this ostentation consumption that pushes many people to spend more then what their income offers them to appear up to actual time compared to what dictates the standards of a modern consumer society.

As we also undertake to study the different strategies through which actors involved in the consumption and investment of the spaces of shopping centers (mall).


[1] Franck MARMIER and Michel PERALDI, (under the direction of°, worlds and market places in the Mediterranean, social and spatial forms of exchange, Karthala edition, Paris 2011

Annabelle Deshayes, the shopping Centre the new forme of Utopie, edition Européens universities EUE, 2011 - 60 pages

[2] Kerdoud, Nadia (2015), « De la villa-immeuble au bazar. Sidi Mabrouk (Constantine), l’émergence d’un quartier commercial », Les Cahiers d’EMAM [En ligne], 26 | 2015, mis en ligne le 15 juillet 2015, consulté le 13 mai 2017. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/emam.961

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