Unit of Research on Emergent Territories and Society (TES)


The Research Unit “Emergent Territories and Society” is responsible for:

1 Capitalizing and producing knowledge in the field of city sciences,

2 Identifying, describing and studying emergent territories at different scales in our study area, through geography, population, urban functions, social space practices, mobility... their development and the social, spatial and economic impacts they have on their immediate and more inclusive environment, in a prospective study,

3 Contributing to the preparation of documents such as: Atlas, specifications, planning instruments, regulations ...

4 Assisting in the decision-making of the bodies responsible for the development and management of the city,

5 Training researchers in the work of documentary and field analysis,

6 Building intellectual capacities to develop urban issues approach methodologies. As such, researchers will be brought into their competence in the development and development of reading tools and analysis of the city as well as the realization of diagnoses to master urban issues in favour of an urban, functional, harmonious and rational product,

7 Familiarizing researchers with the interactive logic of the various factors acting on space and sensitizing them to the need for multidisciplinarity throughout the process.

The Unit is composed of:

1 Research Division: “Emergent cities in prospective”

2 Research Division: “Emergent elements of the urban system”

Unit Director

(p.i.) REHAIL Tayeb

Division Secretariat


Faculté des Arts et de la culture, Université de Constantine 3 Ville universitaire Ali Mendjeli - Constantine


Research Projects


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