Unit of Research on Denomination Systems in Algeria (RASYD)


The Research Unit “Denomination Systems in Algeria” is responsible for:

1 Studying naming systems in Algeria by contributing to the establishment of a national system for the collection of Algerian proper names,

2 Analyzing toponymic and anthroponymic systems in Algeria: History, functioning and standardization,

3 Promoting research in onomastic sciences: Supervision and creation of a bibliographical database on the origin of names of places and persons in Algeria,

4 Contributing to the establishment of a national policy on standardization of the writing of Algerian proper names (recommendations of the UN and the Arab League),

5 Conducting expertises, trainings and supervisions, publications and scientific meetings.

The Unit is composed of:

1 Research Division “Algerian toponymic system: History, management and writing”

2 Research Division “Algerian anthroponymic system: History, management and writing”

Unit Director


Division Secretariat

Address :

Université de Blida2 - El Afroun

Research Projects


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