PNR 20 : Education and Formation.


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The scientific and technologic education at school: conceptogram by plan of continuous training of teachers.

Training for sciences teaching in the secondary school: its issues, obstacles and impacts.

History and epistemology contribution of sciences for didactic of mathematics and biology.

Continuous training for educators of preschool.

Initial training of teachers and tutoring.

The LMD reformation in the French language department in Algeria. Current states and engineering analysis.

Analysis of current manuals and scholar manual confection of 2YS of SpanishAnalyse des manuels actuels et confection du manuel scolaire de 2AS en espagnol.

Study of scholar rhythms in Algeria.Etude des rythmes scolaires en Algérie.

Management of special education in Algeria: case of scholar establishment in Algeria.

Neuropsychological battery tests for Algerian infants aged between 3 and 14 years old.

Adaptation and psychological examining construction in Algeria.

The scholar book (philosophy, history, religious sciences, Arabic language and arts, and French language): analysis and evaluation

Family and school spheres of influence towards the linguistic disorder

Factors of symbiotic strategies of education and family reforms in educating the secondary school teenage.

Spectogramming a training for administrators of Algerian school administration.      


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